To be released in 2018: Karin Hellqvist- flock

LAWO Classics, 2018


Karin Hellqvist / Keir Neuringer: Live at Warsaw Autumn

ForTune Reords, 2013


Malin Bång: structures of light and spruce

NEOS, 2018


Ensemble neoN: neoN

AURORA, 2016 - Winner of Spellemannsprisen 2016 (Contemporary Music)


Cikada: Ich muß mit Dir reden

Music by Carola Bauckholt

2L, 2015


Cikada Live at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2014

LAWO, 2015


Cikada: Drones Scales and Objects

Music by Lurence Crane

LAWO, 2013


Cikada, Oslo Sinfonietta & Maja Ratke: ...and Sing

2L, 2016 - US GRAMMY Nomination 2016


Mette Henriette / Cikada String Quartet

ECM 2015


Ensemble neoN & Susanna: The Forester

SusannaSonata 2013 - Winner of Spellemannsprisen 2013 (open genre)


Curious Chamber Players: Curious Chamber Players

Music by Malin Bång, Christian Winther Christenssen, Nicolai Worsaae, Ylva Lund Bergner, Jeppe Just Christensen.

dB Productions, 2011


neoN Trio & Erik Daehlin: Portrait CD to be released in 2017


Simon Steen Andersen: Portrait DVD - to be released in 2017

Deuche Muskrat Bonn








Richard Craig: Inward

Appears on Evan Johnson (US): L'art de toucher le appears onfor piccolo with violin

Metier Records, 2010


asamisimasa: Neon Forest Space

Music by Øyvind Torvund

Grappa, 2015 - Winner of Spellemannsprisen 2015 (contemporary music)


Henrik Strindberg: Neptunes Field - to be released in March 2017


Marco Marioni: Live at TempoReale Firenze - to be released 2017